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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jump in the river..

What to do with myself.... I'm coming out of a looooooong f'ing funk made of my own digression.
Did that make sense?
I'll be back... looking up digression....I'm back. Yes that makes total sense. I'm a lyrical goddess after all.
I just rediscovered beautiful, controversial Sinead O'Connor.
Oh how she rocked my world @ 14 years old.
She was a force to be reckoned with.... and she still is.

The whole album I do not want what I haven't got.. was a heart stopper. Deal breaker.
All the shit I was listening to at that time could not hold a candle.
And I listened to it over and over, and wrote the words out on everything I could write on.
She changed the course of my creative life.

Thank you Sinead.

"And if you said jump in the river I would because it would probably be a good idea..."

Whose next.. whose next to change the course of my creative life. Any takers. I am so so ready.

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