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Hand Over your Heart

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Growing pains.  It happens all throughout this life. It's painful, stressful and necessary.
I'm in this mode. It's the mode of acceptance. It's hazy here... it's unclear and frightening.
I call out at it... acceptance. It comes back fierce like, demanding.

NOW it says. Not in 5 minutes, not when you are old enough, skinny enough, experienced enough... NOW it says. Not when you feel better, look better, carry yourself better. NOW it says, let go of the baggage, let go of the haunting past.
Been walking the halls of your heavy heart for years. Shake it off it says NOW.
The sun sets on the what if's, if I coulda, shoulda woulda....

The end.

New chapter... 

LOOK with your heart, you.  SEE with your heart, you.  LIVE with your heart, you.
Dear dear you. I'll help you up, see you've been laying there too long. Brittle bones, weary eyes. I see you there. It's not okay, none of it every was, is or will be.. we've got NOW. And this moment is perfect, see it? Yeah... perfect in all it's glorious exception to the rules.

There are signs everywhere if you are living, breathing, loving with the power of NOW. With the demanding force of ACCEPT.  Steadfast Lion Hearts... you are so audaciously brave.
Look at you go...beautiful.

{all photos taken by Me.. in my own backyard}


  1. Powerful...the NOW! Thanks for the reminder- NOW is what we have, NOW is what we are living! Great Photos too!!!

  2. So glad you got something from this appreciate your comments!!!!

  3. When if not Now! Yes yes yes. And gorgeous photos too

  4. Presence...learning it myself, learning to savour it, it helps, it definatly has a soothing property to it. Honouring the Now, instead of rushing through or gritting our teeth and bearing it.

    I too am learning....thank God I'm learning.

    love to you.