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Hand Over your Heart

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Stamping, Trampling & Snorting

There's this thing about uncharted territories.

Places we long to go but never dare.
Things we want to do but find a million reasons not to.
Connections we wish we could make but feel undeserved.
I'm smack in the middle of this and it's showing in my journaling pages.
This ariel view of sorts... of a forming or damaged coast line.
Huge mountains protruding out of the ground, mountainous feats I suppose.
Reflecting my yearning to make changes and connections and not quite sure how to do that.
The other night I dreamt of picnicking in the midst of a herd of Bison.
As they peacefully grazed I was suddenly startled by a stamping, trampling, snorting White Bison on hillside staring straight at me ready to charge.
I sat frozen, half saying to myself... well I belong here and if I sit still this Bison will know that.
Of course the other half of me wanted to run.
It was quite a dream one I wont likely forget any time soon... if ever.

So here's what I know today 
I will show up. I will do the work. I will move INTO the fear because 
I have the right to be here... just like you do.
So take a seat next to me, let's do this together.

Suntsaa <3
{Suntsaa means LOVE in the Shoshone language, my Grandmothers people, my people}