Home through Star Shine....

Home through Star Shine....

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Monday, September 26, 2016

Mini Studio Tour

Just a mini studio/what I'm working on tour of my mess!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

21 Secrets Early Bird Special!

Click Below for all the deets! 
It's going to be one amazing 21 Secrets class this fall with 24 teachers!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Towanda Tuesday: Women of the Past Series Anna Bilińska

After my "April Away" from Towanda Tuesday I thought I would kick off the first Tuesday of May with something different.
I've been studying amazing and somewhat unknown women artists of our past, and I wanted to share them here as resident Towanda's.

Anna Bilińska

Excerpt from Frances Borzello's: Seeing Ourselves Women's Self-Portraits
The Polish artist Anna Bilinska paints herself taking a break from her work. She is convincingly scruffy. She has not bothered to remove her apron, and, although her hair began the day pinned up, some tendrils have escaped. As she sits on the homely bentwood chair, she bends forward to stare at the spectator, a bunch of brushes held across her apron in one hand and her palette hanging down at the extremity of the other . . . This pose of Bilinksa’s had not been seen before. She has set herself down in front of the curtain which forms a background for the model. The combination of transitory pose and backcloth is an understated but witty way of telling the spectator that she has become—but only temporarily—the model not the artist.

I am so drawn to this portrait of this woman. The light and dark of this painting is so beautiful. The apron and the paint brushes, her mussed hair and the backdrop make this such a beautifully honest painting in a time where overly sweet and porcelain doll paintings were the rage. I am so in awe of women that would paint themselves as is in times when it was not popular to do so. No social media hashtags to join ranks with... no groups to join.. no causes...no trends...just pure desire & artistic license to paint as is. 

This is magnificent in so many ways.
 Hope she inspires you as she inspires me.
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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Faux ceramics artists seeks alternate life in Brooklyn....inquire within

In another life... I am a ceramic artist living in a loft in Red Hook Brooklyn, my neighbor & ride or die is Jemima Kirke & we paint for hours together in between our sashays to the local Flea and magical stick poke tattoo sessions.

Our Resident Towanda

In the meantime... I will make paper clay pinch pots in this rural central coast of California, paint by myself, settle for antique stores, wave at my sweet neighbors & plan my zillion tattoos I never get!


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