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Thursday, August 11, 2011

I just don't get it

Well it's okay. I just don't get it. When you open up your heart and your everything... well you tend to think that things will come wrapped in multi colored butterflies and beautiful angels with golden hair and .... no?... oh is that just me?

What am I rambling about you say? Yeah.. I dunno cuz I just don't get it.
Well... actually I do.

I asked to be released from... junky junk as my fearless teacher always says... I asked to be set free of things that I feel bind me.. like they are some unknown force outside of my being or human understanding.
And there inlies the problemo.

Breathe. Let go. One day at a time.
Why do I forget so easily?
I have temporary amnesia when it comes to the good things in my life.
Sure I have beautiful children, loving adorable husband... and so on... however when it comes to the "demons" within I tend to forget to, breathe, let go and take it one step at a time.

I have this written in my journals everything.
Remember is a big word that comes to me when I paint.
It's like a part of me takes over when I am in the tree hugging this universe is amazing... mood.
And then the "real" part of me takes over and abolishes any memories of the latter.


And then... just now... I remember.
To breathe, let go and take it one step at a time, day, hour, minute and a damn time!

Get it.
Got it.
Get it
forgot it.
It's all good.

whose with me

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