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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Insert Title here cuz I aint got one!

Well well well...
what a day.
Woke up with a text message that confirmed my worst nightmare would be out of my life for at least 5 years.... carted away with the other prisoners.

Long story and one that I do not care to go into at this time.

This creative process, this year has all come full circle because it was a year almost to the day that I started testify... my truth. Ugly as it was. And now I am free.

Today I woke up having fell asleep mid-praying... it was a beautiful sleep. And tonight having just did stretches over at Dirty FootPrint Studios with Conz offering Total Alignment... I feel ready to sleep.

Even though my heart was wide open, and I was grateful... today still came with a dose of reality.
A disagreement with a coworker left me just devoid of any and all energy, because I let it.
And I quickly did a bit of a cry and then released it and let it go.

It felt so good not to dwell there. Not to let the feeling overtake me.. and become something ugly and out of control
And for that I can say that it truly was a productive day.  Free from my old patterns and thinking.. and ways of doing / handling things. No no.. this was a new day and again.. I stand in awe..and in pure white light of gratitude..

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