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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Well hello there....

Christmas right around the corner and I've been up to my ears in everything holiday ... it's been really nice.
I have taken a much needed break from the internet since my last posting here.
And now... with the new year budding... and new ideas brewing like a much needed wonderful cup o' coffee... I am back- with bells on.

I also took a bit of hiatus with painting...started cooking again--- culinary art... it's a good thing.. but now I am fat.. but happy ha:)

I have been thinking on a new word to focus on for 2012. I am, more than ever... very into a new year resolution this year.

1. Yoga
2. Expanding my Artistic horizons
3. Keeping my promises

Then the standard:
saving money
cleaning up my credit
eating healthier
living a more meaningful life through all of these practices.

I am into it. Fully immersed in changing some things about me that I know need a serious change.
And it's a perfect year for it isn't it.. Don't you feel the magic?

I have decided to do 
The Book of Days with Effy Wild
this year. She is doing a year long artistic practice and I am very excited about this!! Check out the button on the side bar there and join.... what are you waiting for... GO! ;)

Promise to myself: I will create. I will not judge. I will not make excuses.

And now it has been written.

Let the Arting begin!


  1. This makes me want to sit down and start pondering the new year, possibilities, etc.
    Thank you. :)

  2. I love the promise! It's one I should be making for myself as well. I'll be joining in Effy's Book of Days also. I'm excited to get started...just need to find a book. :)

  3. well thank you Alisha for stopping by and reading! Ellie I shall see you on the wild side then eh? Thanks for commenting! I need a book too.. happy hunting!