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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Stay the course... keep your hands on the wheel

I have really enjoyed this book making process. It's amazing the courageous and thoughtful things that come to mind.. that I say to myself. 
It's all very fluid and lovely .. you know, rainbows and butterflies.
Truth is when I read these words after a week or more of not TOUCHING my book...I am seriously confused as to who writes this crap.
I am scenically  marinated today.

I am currently listening to The Shins... I love them. They warm my heart.
And so with my Lion Heart and my steaming cup of coffee and the jammmies that I am still in at 10:00 this morning.. I'm going to attempt to extract some kind of non smartassness into the day and carry on..
stay the course.. steady as she blows...
plllllllllllllp rasberries 

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