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Sunday, February 19, 2012

I hope you ate cake...

You would have been 14 today.
Cake and balloons and candles too.
I don't know if you would have seen the candles. As I never knew if you could actually physically see.
I don't know if you would have heard the birthday song. As I never knew if you could actually hear.
I don't know if you would have liked the taste of the birthday cake... because you only drank pediasure out of a bottle and rice cereal and sweet potatoes...
I miss the smell of sweet potatoes on your little breath.
And oh that crooked little ear.
How I miss whispering songs, love, prayers, gratitude in that little crooked ear of yours.

I hope that you had a big party today.
One that celebrated the life you lived, and the lives that you saved.
You saved this one. No doubt.
And you in turn saved brother and sisters lives too.
Our little Angel on Earth you were.
I hope that you had a big party today.
With balloons that you could see.. in bright colors and streamers.
With candles SO big that you could see...and you blew them out with strong lungs.
Not lungs weak with pneumonia and RSV.
And a back that is not curved at the spine so you can BLOWWWW those candles out and make your wish.
I hope you ate cake, the most delicious cake you've ever tasted...with extra...everything.
With no threat of aspiration... with teeth that do not cause you pain.

And.. I hope you danced. In all glitter.. with your blonde curls bouncing and your huge smile... and that you laughed. You laughed and laughed and laughed.
And you were celebrated. Celebrated for the amazing sacrifice you gave... to save little ol' us.

Happy Birthday Dear Audrey Elizabeth.
Happy Birthday to you.
-Love Mama


  1. Sending you hugs, a shoulder, support, gratitude, love, and anything else you might need my dear. What a beautiful tribute! Xoxoxoxo

  2. Such a beautiful, heartfelt tribute!
    hugs and love to you