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Saturday, June 29, 2013

 { Oh hello you }

Been awhile and summer is here and there is so many exciting things that are coming...that have gone...that are still marinating in all their glorious juices!

I have had some AMAZING feedback from you all that are CRAVING an {ACCEPT}ional life! I am so grateful for all my students that are incredibly LION HEARTED and have taken steps to {ACCEPT} themselves in AS IS condition! Bravisimo lion hearts.. you are so beautiful!

I have been asked to teach in another online workshop and I am incredibly EXCITED about this !! More details to come (insert me doing the cabbage patch kid and 80's Robot...oh yea)!
I have been approached to do a couple artist interviews as well and I am looking forward to delving in deep and getting to some core heart centered questions.. YUM!
Stay tuned creative hearts!
Personally it's been a blessed but rough couple months... my Rhain has graduation high school.. my Sunny turned 20 and I find myself on the verge of buying our first home and it just being me and my adorable, amazing husband. YIKES!  It's a scary, exciting feeling to think that I am only {37} and I still have so much ahead of me..that I can finally focus on .. {ME}.. (insert me with a blank stare). 

This absolutely terrifies me people. I am working on it ;)!

I have a newfound (lost and then found again) love affair with {POLAROIDS}... oh you have no idea what this does for my soul! 
With the help of
I am able to take these little photographs..these little snippets of my life and put them down in my journal. 
In the digi-insta-age this really quenches my thirst for old school film! 
Needless to say...
{{I am in heaven}}

Like I mentioned earlier we are house hunting.. and after years of wishing/plotting/planning/saving we are at the fun part.  
{The hunt} 
It's been WAY harder than I thought it would be. Houses come on the market and they get gobbled up so quickly your head spins. We've taken a break to go with a different Real Estate Agent (she's badass I love her) and get refinanced with a different lender and will be starting the hunt again come July.. 

Meanwhile I am trying to not let that deter me from doing my work...
I hope you are embracing the Summer months and taking time for
 relaxation, poolside, lakeside, oceanside time!
Here some things I've been up to and some obsessions that I simply MUST share.. 'till next time!

A Beautiful Mess IPHONE photo app

The Shins- Chutes too Narrow Album

Decide on my next Tattoo
Dye my hair RED again
Wear more dresses with more leggings
See Counting Crows with my Sister
House Hunt until I drop
Spend time in the water
Drink Margaritas
MORE: painting/blogging/polaroiding

{Some pictures from my life}

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