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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

On account of being Raw...

photo credit:
@thebabecollective  on instagram

The weather has been stormy in California, gray dark and cold. It's winter after all but we aren't used to that on this side of the earth. Especially with the thousand year drought we've had over here.
It's been playing with my moods a bit. Artists have been known to be a bit moody.
I like to say "raw". Not because I don't like the term moody. I just think "raw" describes the state of being so much better.
Raw indicates that the whole body is involved. It's not just an emotion. When I am raw it is a complete state of being. Everything that comes into contact good or bad hits me and it's raw.
Could be very good for art... could be very good for curling up in fetal position and sleeping.

I saw this picture recently on the inter-webs and it really spoke to me.
When you're doing that deep down and sometimes dirty work it can be a bit lone wolf lonesome at times. You sometimes need to create your own stars in the sky so to speak to get through the darkness.
I wanted to blog today, not really knowing what I was going to say. Didn't' really have a direction. Just wanted to share this image with you all... whoever is out there...whoever might be reading. 
If nothing else for myself to get it down, get it out.
I think I might create a story board of sorts, get all these images out of the computer and into my life, the ones that pull me through and inspire me. The ones that rip out my guts and remind me that being raw is what I came here for. The ones that make me remember that being alive is all the senses all together at once. To remember that being inspired doesn't mean that you sit and wait for the aha but you just show up and make your mark.

Open your windows loves. Paint a star in your dark sky if you have to... ask for help if you need it.

Suntsaa <3

Suntsaa means love in Native Shoshone Language

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