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Thursday, January 12, 2012

But I meant rainbows and unicorns....

HAHA you're funny...

See whatcha did there... I built you up, put you on a pedastal... you could do NO wrong, you were impervious, invincible, blooming with ripe possiblity, endless creativity, joy, happiness and love.

Que the jeering crowd.

So far this year.... my son who is 18 has moved out...with is girlfriend
My husband might loose his job.
And Penny, my parents dog of a bazillion years died suddenly of stomach cancer on the operating table.

Not funny 2012.

I know it's growing pains. I know about the cycles of life.
 I know I know I know...
but what I meant is that I wanted rainbows and unicorns.
Please go back to the drawing board and conjure up some magic.
Cuz my faith in you 2012 has shifted....dramatically...

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