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Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011.. I bid you Ado.


I have survived. 

This year I saw my son break down and then build himself up through perserverance, strength and love.
He graduated high school.... cut all his hair off... started working and turned 18.
This year I saw my daughter slowly turn from a teenager into an amazing strong, beautiful, caring young woman. She has found ways to overcome sadness and anger from her past, and risen to meet every single challenge put in her path.
This year I grew closer and closer to my best friend and Husband Adam, I watched as he became an amazing pillar of strength and love in our childrens lives, and work hard on improving his ways of living.

I am a blessed woman to live in the same universe with these 3 amazing individuals.

This year.... I died with every heart ache my children endured, cheered with every triumph they achieved and marveled at the level of love that I feel for my husband and him for me.

This year... I said goodbye to a horrifying past... told the truth and set myself and my children free from ever experiencing that level of evil in our lives again.
In the process I gained friends, and a renewed respect in myself.

This year... I painted, I drew, I pasted, I wrote songs, I wrote poetry, I cooked, I baked... I enjoyed
I gained weight, I lost weight, I began at the gym, I stopped at the gym, I made plans, I broke plans, I had goals some achieved others not even close.

This year... I started counseling.This year... I  STOPPED apologizing for being me. Fat. Skinny. Ugly. Pretty. Stopped apologizing. Started loving, Me. In "as is" condition.

2012-- you have big shoes to fill as overall 2011 has been as horrible and as wonderful as years could get.
Here's to living it up, letting it go... finding the peace... and loving unconditionally... yourself included.

I love you all that were apart of this journey this past year. Some, Pillars of strength for years now..and I know years to come, and others were fleeting in to do their magic and have since fleeted out.. all of you from the very bottom of my heart . Thank You.


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