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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Audaciously Artsy... what I want outta 2013

Hello yous !
I've been trying to avoid the ol' year in review blog post. Trying not to be cliche... trying to keep quiet a bit..reflect, review, revise, relive.
A week and a half into this new year it's been an emotional one. Personally things are wonderful, goals I've made are coming to fruition, my children are happy and doing well.. my husband is a saint...and my love of mixed media is something I'll be able to share with hundreds in a few short months with
21 secrets 2013 launching.

Here's what I want outta 2013.

I want more moments. Moments where I am not overwhelmed with the tasks of the day, but overwhelmed by a sensory overload. Touch, smell, taste, hear. I want more moments to just sit on my tongue and linger so I can savor every last tid bit morsel.
I want more lingering. More loitering. More meandering. More lollygagging.
More... time to just be and let be. To settle into my skin. Fat, thin.. sagging... firm doesn't matter.
Time to marinate in gratitude. Let it permeate through all things... let my thankfulness for this life just ooze off of me like warm icing on a big cinnamon roll (yum).
More permission to do, feel, say what my heart scratch that what my LION HEART says it wants.
Gettin' down to the nitty gritty. More time to dance, fearless, uninhibited, wildly free.

  Audacious lively; unrestrained; uninhibited:

Oh yeah. Last year was LionHeart so I am thinking this is along the same lines... and I loved loved loved last years word... it seriously brought my back to it so many times over the course of the year...where I had to tap into that word and use it to propel me through.
This year is no exception. And I take with me last years word as well.
Audaciously Lion Hearted.

Share with me on facebook Hand Over Heart Studios fan page would ya? What are gettin' outta 2013?
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And there is always room for: 

I stand in awe at the light my life has.  And I am aware of how very blessed I am to have another year for {ACCEPT}ional opportunities to be inspired. 
Heart that matters most. 
Much love Lion Hearts!

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