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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Reflections: Fear

So I was thinking about my 5 year old self and what it was that she wanted.

She wanted to not be scared.

Isn't it amazing how fear can permeate into your very core at such a young age?
Isn't it the saddest thing to behold...a child that is scared?
I have been slowly, surely and indefinitely challenging myself to do things that scare me.
Traveling by myself. Air planes. Saying yes to being published in an upcoming book. Saying yes to teaching online courses. Saying yes to the life I WANT.

What if I changed the story a bit.
What if.... just if.... my 5 year old self wanted the fear to transform her life in just such a way?
Who would I be without the fear?

In the dark we appreciate the light...right? And in the light it illuminates the dark spaces and corners of our mind and our sacred hearts..where we once thought were monsters- are actually just pillars of strength that we've surrounded ourselves with.
What a relief.
Always such clarity in the dawn of things.
Always such beauty in that soft light.

I encourage you to look at what scares you. Relate to it. Talk to it. Make friends with it and let it do what it's soul purpose is.
To Transform you.
And that is all.

So I was thinking....maybe...just maybe...my 5 year old self is safe at last.

Be good to yourselves Lion Hearts.
Look at you go! 


  1. Yes! You are safe and loved ... and just where your 5 year old self would want you to be. LOVE to both of you. :)

  2. Hugs and comforting words to your 5 yr old self and honouring that she became YOU! Xx

  3. I just tonight discovered your lessons on 21 Secrets 2013. "life" happened and I didn't get to your lesson until NOW.

    Your heartfelt lessons are so wonderful and so capture how I feel. Sometimes brave and sometimes "not good enough." What a great lesson for this time as I am ready to start a new year. I will use your prompts and lessons in the New year.

    I just had no other way to know how to contact you since 21 Secrets is disappearing in a few hours.

    But thank you very much for saying what I needed to hear!