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Monday, October 21, 2013

::Artist Interview:: Soul Food {GIVEAWAY}

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It is my honor to be apart of such a heart centered group.
It is my INTENTION to bring a clearer understanding for you to ACCEPT where you are in your art process...and in turn let the trickle into ACCEPTANCE of where you are in your life.

You are beautiful Souls~ Lion Hearts <3

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                      2. Tell me what FEEDS your CREATIVE SOUL!
Giveaway will run until November 1st
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  1. You're quite the inspirational, lady! xox

  2. What feeds my creative soul, hmmm, scriptures, encouraging words, colors, sunshine, knowing that what I am creating isn't for me it's being created so someone else can connect with it. Making a piece of art and hearing the story as to why someone connects with it. Thank you for asking as I tend to forget what really feeds my creative soul and become so caught up in what others are doing, comparing myself and forgetting who I am. Thank you again. Have a great day!

  3. I have just reach your class in 21 Secrets and have so appreciated your honesty and openness in the videos you presented!! I would so love to win a spot in Soul Food for this upcoming year!! I do art at my table I have set up in the living room (so I can still be surrounded by my fun and lovely family) every single night because it relieves my chronic pain. So I do it for me, for joy at the end of the day, for my health and therefore for the benefit of my family. What inspires me ... The amazing "miracle" that takes place in my body in response to making art!!