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Friday, January 8, 2016

Change happened. Goodbye 9-5. Hello Dreams.

Music floods my house these days along with the smells of  fresh cut wood (thanks to Standing Man * my hubby* in his wood shop ) and gesso.
I am moving at my own pace, no longer waking to an alarm clock.
It's taken me 2 months to not wake startled or sick to my stomach, thoughts racing about money and time spent or wasted.
I've literally been physically sick for close to 5 weeks, a detox from the corporate world I'm convinced.
So with the holidays over, the last of the Christmas decorations put away and the glitter vacuumed up I'm finding a new rhythm to things.
Here's a few things I will not allow:

  1. Guilt on sleeping in. I'll let my body sleep if it needs it.
  2. Racing thoughts about things I cannot control or past issues that no longer serve me upon waking
  3. Staying in PJ's past 10ish (this is a personal thing... no judgment all day PJ wearers)

 The rest I'm making up as I go.

With exciting artistic collabs on the horizon I'm not only learning how to manage the day to day but also manage my time as my own boss.
Liberating, yet terrifying.

And so stay tuned for some juicy tid bits and nuggets of yum!

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