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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Embrace the Messy

Life is messy. Much like any art form. There is a period in the process of completion that there is an inevitable veriable. Mess.

I used to get caught up in this. Cleaning as I go. I mean this literally and figuratively.
I have learned in my latter 30s that the mess... IS... life. It's the process. You've heard this expression right? "It's about the process.. not the end result".

It's not about the completion. At the completion of life is death. My truth in death there is a rebirth in a sense back to your original form, your soul.
However at the completion of any form of Art.. there is a sense of gratification, a sense of accomplishment, a sense of wonder.. "how did I get through that"..."how did I weed through that mess and come up with this masterpiece".
It is my truth that at the end of life.. it is the same celebration.

Wow. How exciting that we are here in human form to work on our dream.. on our masterpiece..and our art is our life.. how we live our life!
I find great comfort in this, as I've really been working on celebrating even the small things.
Like getting outta bed in the morning and not cursing that I have to go to work .. ( you feel me?)
Like choosing BODY ACCEPTANCE instead of telling myself that I will do that, wear that, say that, experience that, eat that..when I am "skinny again".
Like choosing to put myself out there with my thoughts, art, love, light with NO angle. No sense of "what will I get outta this".. "whats in this for me".
Just being big, beautiful, glittery, me...Kitty, Kristy, Kristina, Mom, Wife=Babe, Sister, Friend.

I am filled suddenly typing this with a sense of gratitude and solace. What an amazingly blessed feeling that has washed over me. I am grateful and I believe absolutely hands down blessed beyond my wildest dreams, for what I have in this very moment. Now. and Now. and again.....Now.

I invite you to mull this over. Put in your favorite inspiring song and just think on your life. REALLY look at the messy parts. Ew. It's ugly isn't it? It's beautiful...isn't it?
Now look where you are right now. Literally right now..sitting where you are.  You are so beautiful... look at you with all your bumps and scars and bruises. Look at you with that smile spreading, those tears welling.
Oh my heart !!!   It's over flowing with how stunning you are.
Take this truth if it serves you and put it into the weakest part of your heart and let it bloom.

You are loved. You ARE love. Go live your messy life Lion Hearts <3

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