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Saturday, September 22, 2012

TRUST F A L L .....

I am in love.

Orginal Art work by Kitty Oppegard: FOR SALE @ ETSY SHOPPE 
I have fallen deeply, beautifully, sacredly in love.
Know what with?
My Heart and all its inglorious glory.
My heart that never fails me, in keeping blood pumping through this {ACCEPT}tional body (in AS IS condition) and in Matters of the Heart... mmmm myyyy speciality.

This Fall/Equinox/Mabon I am incredibly in love with the colors,sights, smells, sounds of this amazing season. It yields a sense of connectedness within me. I can feel it weaving around my heart urging me to look inwards, reflect and review. It whispers to FALL into love with what you are, what you have, what you've failed at, what you've accomplished. It echos the childhood laughter in me, the reckless abandon in me, the Lion Heart that pulses true.


Trust fall right into my life, right into my heart, right into the core of what makes me... ME.
And as I fall there are the seeds of my existence.
God, earth, wind, fire, air, paint in my hair.... aching in my bones and in my chest...and it's all alright.. it's all the stuff, the juicy stuff of this life. It's all ugly, sad and beautiful and STARK raving mad!
I'm falling right into it. I am falling right into L O V E with my life.

I invite you to your own trust fall, right into your sacred heart, right into your LION HEART.


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