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Thursday, December 29, 2011


Los Osos Valley Road Sunset 12/29/2011
Tonight driving home from a very productive day at work...a 4 day weekend winking at me...
I was bathed in pink/blue light from the sunset.
That ol' familiar country road ... looked completely like something out of a movie.
And it took a lot of energy not to pull over & just stop and stare.
And I thought afterwards...as I watched the pink turn into orange.....

I should have stopped.

After all how many sunsets will I witness in my life time?
Maybe that was my last.

When I have opportunities. When I have moments that I can spend in awe of greatness.. like an unfolding sunset, I shall take it. Another promise to myself for this year.
Simple. Done.

Me. 2012. Lion Hearted and awed.

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