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Monday, December 26, 2011

Metaphorically speaking...

taken in Cambria California <3 it was a great day
Butterflies are a perfect set up for metaphors.
My favorite butterfly reference is a line from one of my very favorite bands Counting Crows;

"the butterfly in reverse here is me"...

I feel like that often times. Huge leaps forward and then, something sets me back.
A lot of the time it's just me getting in my own way.
Me. Just in reverse.
I want to take this moment to do a shout out to the reverse in me.
Sometimes you have to go in reverse to reposition yourself to go forward.
So with that in mind I will accept, not judge & remember the process.
This marriage to my Art Side, blooming and teeming with possibility will..eventually have to go in reverse.
Acknowledgment is the first step right?

Fly my butterflies.
Reverse as needed.

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