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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


there she stood wings spread heart open
d e s e r v i n g ...
What makes one deserving?
Is it a life of hardship...deserving reprieve.
Is it a life of hard work...deserving reward.
Is it a life of sacrifice.....

Oh and we say... well how dare they have ______ or how dare they _____ they don't DESERVE that.
I deserve that more than they do... I .. a/b/c.
Sad to say this is a normal ego centric knee jerk we got going on in our brains at any given time.

Who is deserved?
You are.
I am.
We are.
They are.
She is.
He is.

I deserve the life I have chosen to live. I firmly believe that we are here on this planet because we chose to be here.
I do NOT believe that we are undeserving when we enter this life.
That we are somehow..unclean, undeserving, unworthy.
That is the biggest lie ever told.
Quite the opposite.
We are SO deserving.
And so... you... reading this... remind yourself- daily, weekly, hourly if you must.
That you are deserved.
And smile.

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