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Hand Over your Heart

Sunday, March 25, 2012

You sure must be strong...

Love such a simple thing that we do... with nothing to prove....
The Shins- Simple Song 

if you haven't heard it. Go. Listen to it. Let it marinate. Listen to it in a loop.
It does the soul good. Seriously. Go.
You're welcome.

This week plagued with 2 major migraines. Not fun. Hubby working out of town. Not fun.
Art journaling. Fun. I think I am .. dare I say.. finding my palette. Finding my "style" my "nitch".
Or not. I dunnow. Why do we have to label things. It's just a necessity really isn't it? To fit it all into organized and neat and easy identifiable containers.

I miss. ALl the time just miss.
I miss my kids being little.
I miss my son walking down the hallway and saying in his funny voice "Hey Mob"...
I miss my daughters crooked little ear and the way she'd yell for me when she was hungry... her fragile little body, constantly in my arms.. she was like an appendage.
It's something I am really struggling with.
Trying not to fill the void with food. That was hard to type. I almost wanted to hit the backspace but decided I better leave it.

I have no idea what I will do when Rhiannon moves out.
The thought just crushes me, and leaves me with an icy cold feeling in my chest.
Deep breath. One thing at a time Kitty. Be nice to yourself. Don't overwhelm yourself. Be kind.

Are you being kind to yourself where you are?
WIth the upmost care and attention, love and kid gloves?
I recommend it.
It's highly underrated.

"Don't go thinking you gotta be tuff and play like a stone.. could be that there's nothing else in our lives so critical..as this little home"....
The Shins. Simple Song.
go and have a listen.
and be good to yourself.
right now.
wherever you are.


  1. such luminous colours on this spread
    and her eyes do look like they are sad
    like she misses some things from her past

    a fellow BOD sister - Kel Creates

  2. Love the colors...much love to you Kitty. Knowing there is a better place and no true ending sure doesn't make it any easier sometimes does it...

    Here is a virtual hug from my heart to yours :)

  3. Thank you Miss Kitty. I love your style, in words and pictures. You bestow blessing upon the world with your honest and real prose. Grateful to be a sister.

  4. Oh girl....can I just say I love the raw honesty on this post! Its so good to air it out isnt it? And good to know that I'm not the only person who has little crazy moment in my head. your journal page is gorgeous, very unique.....Going to listen to Shins now.Love to you soul sis