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Thursday, October 4, 2012

And she said.. "Ditto".

Taking a break in the studio from the 3 paintings I am currently trying to finish.
I have creative attention deficit disorder.  Thank The Stars for Mixed Media !
I started a clay doll.
This is Ditto. I made her.
She wasn't turning out so good.
I added paper clay.
I took away.
I molded.
I sculpted.
I thought about trashing her.
Couldn't do it.
Tried to do limbs.
Couldn't do that either.

Then I surrendered and remembered that she was just a paper clay doll... FOR ME.
Oh. Breathing room. Deep breath, that's nice.

I tore off her limbs.
I made her base thick & sturdy.
And then, before I knew what was happening in between dipping fingers into the water, grabbing a clump of paper clay and molding...

she  sprouted W I N G S.

Glorious funky, clumpy, lumpy, bumpy haphazard, imperfect, small wings.
I immediately fell in love with her.
And of course, what naturally came next...

I gave her a Lion H E A R T.

I've captured her, in the moment of growing her wings.
And as I painted her tonight, first giving her a coat of Gesso, I poured out love for her, in her imperfect state, and I told her not to compare herself to others, for she's one of a kind, never to be duplicated.
I told her to see, look, feel, fly with her Lion Heart.

And she said, "Ditto".

How are you taking care of your lumpy, bumpy, imperfect parts today? This minute? This Hour? This Day? This Week? This Year?

Come on Lion Heart, it's time for some {ACCEPT}tional self care....!


  1. brilliant and miraculous and beautiful all at once

  2. thank you Jane! What a wonderful thing to say!