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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Embracing the notion...

Poinsettias are beautiful aren't they?
This morning I came to a realization.

Art is like a marriage.
You put your blood sweat and tears into it.
You get out of it what you put in.
Patience, loving kindness ... space... unconditionalness, truth.
Steady foundation for any prosperous, healthy marriage.
Art is like a marriage.

You might be saying, Yes yes we know this...
well me too little darling. Like I know that milk goes bad if you leave it on the counter.
It was knowledge. Seemingly useless.
Until this morning.

B A M .

Driving on my country road to work. The sun thawing out the frozen hillside, horses and cattle grazing while the Red tail Hawk sat like Watchers... providing safe passage...
it hit me.

So, I intend to cultivate this seed of my newfound  knowledge and let it grow.
Yes yes I will let it run dry at times, and weeds will get to it..but it will never die.
And it will always forgive my trespasses...my subtle neglect, because we are married.
I will hold up art.
And art will hold me up.
Art Marriage.

I am embracing this notion...-Lion Hearted

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