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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hold it

my fav xmas decoration
I am surrounded by beauty.
I live on the Central Coast of California...where it's amazing beauty everywhere at all times.
We even kinda get some seasons here ... bonus.
I have massive mountains of moss to the right, the ocean to the left, national parks in my backyard...and LA a few hours south and San Fran <3 my fav a few hours north.

H e a v e n.

And then there is this house.
It's old, it's in serious need of repair...it's dusty and there is mold that I try to keep 1 step ahead of... most of the time failing miserably.
I'm an organized mess, I clean when I am going to have company and I have separate clothes piles.
One clean, One dirty, One not-so-sure.

M e s s.

And then there are the inhabitants of this wreck of a home.

One is so beautiful sometimes I could cry.
Her laugh is loud and strong.
She's honest to a fault and she's amazing courageous.
Social butterfly to a T.
16 1/2. Don't forget the 1/2 mom.
Oh my heart cracks wide open with love, adoration and pride for that little girl.
My Rhain.

One has a heart of gold.
Socially, withdrawn..only a select few... and when you're in you're in forever.
Smart as a whip.
Laugh that will melt your icy black heart.
And an ear for listening, and giving advice...sure to cure what ails ya.
And my cup runneth over in awe for that little man.
18 now mom. Don't pry too much. Back up. Give little man some space.
My Sunny.

See.. somewhere along the way Rhiannon was nicknamed Rhain. And Jake was nicknamed Sunny. And it's such a paradox. Rhiannon is definitely the more sunshiny one of the two. And Jakes is definitely more dreary.
My Sunny and Rhain.

And then..there he is.
My "holy shit I think I nabbed the last good one"...
A man who stole my heart to put it back together again.
He revers me. And I him.
He thinks I'm adorable and beautiful.
He thinks I am an amazing writer and artist.
He believes in every single thing I say or do or set out to do.
He dropped straight from heaven.
My husband. My Adam.
And my heart bursts into flame whenever he's around.

I wish for every single human being on the planet to know this love.
I wish for every single human being that HAS this love remember they have it, hold it sacred, cherish it.

And that is my wish for 2012.
To hold that and those that I love sacred.cherished.remembered.

Full of Wish and Lion-Hearted.

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